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Pardon our Home page - We are still working on it.

We are a group of fanciers rooted in the new age of internet technologies. We posses the same affection and innate passion like everyone else in promoting pigeon breeding, training, racing, exhibitions and expansion of the sport. Working collaboratively with other fancier and talents, we manage to develop a data-center pigeon pedigree application we believe help revolutionize and benefit the pigeon fanciers sport community.

Technologies that will help expand and introduce our old sport to the younger generation and new comers. Giving up the use of our internet base software free to everyone help keep record, manage every pigeons and track inventories of every member's birds as well as simplify and facilitate showcasing pedigree records for the purpose of comradery, trade and commerce, trace of birds ancestry & descendants in a click a mouse.

With the marriage of the new internet technologies and old lovable sport - paper pedigree documentation is now antiquated. So, welcome and join now for free, be a member and reap the benefits of our new technology!


Working Examples (DEMO):

LOLO (Ring Band - Revealed) ANDY
BABY DREW KOBAYASHI as record keeper - keeps these references available real time and dynamic as the fancier owner updates each bird record and comments.

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